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4 Tips to Abandoning Your Worries, Not Your Pets

Sep 16 2015 - Blink - 232 Oh our pets – no one is more excited when we come home or sadder when we leave. Try as they might to fit into our duffel bags or block the door, sometimes the call of paradise is too strong and we simply can’t give in to those heart-wrenching puppy-dog eyes. Though it will always be hard leaving our pets, there are some ways to help alleviate those guilt-ridden images of your pet anxiously waiting at the door, ears-perked, listening for any and every sign of your return. Here are a few things you can do to give both your pet, and yourself, some peace of mind and comfort when you have to say that difficult good-bye.

1. Make sure you’re gone, but not forgotten.

Your pet recognizes you primarily through your smell and finds it comforting, just as we do – while we like the smell of our mom’s cookies or our significant other’s clothes, our pets like the smell of us. So, for the week before you leave, carry or wear a blanket around whenever you have the chance in order to really make sure it absorbs, well, you. Leave this blanket in your pet’s favorite napping spot and you will see how quickly it collects hair from your pet’s many cuddles throughout the time that you’re away. If it wasn’t implied, you may not want to use your favorite blanket.

2. Leave him (or her) with a familiar face.

Even though it’s not yours, a face they know, and especially one they have come to know through an association with you, will make them feel a little more comfortable. If you don’t have a neighbor or friend who has spent time with your pet and can keep an eye on him or her while you’re away, don’t worry! There are plenty of websites (with plenty of pet-lovers) through which you can easily find someone to pet-sit, walk, or groom your little friend (care.com, for example, allows you to browse by experience, hourly rate, etc.). You can even bring some more comfort to your pet before you leave by arranging a quick meet-up of you, your pet, and your new pet-sitter so that your furry-friend can sniff him or her out.

3. Prepare home-made dinners.

Now I don’t mean you have to bake those three lasagnas you freeze for your significant other to prevent starvation while you’re away, but your pet is also comforted by food. Just because you’re away, doesn’t mean that those drooled-over dinner scrap-like treats have to stop – you know, those pieces of chicken that you just so happen to ‘drop’ right next to your best friend. So next time you’re planning on leaving, prepare some of your pet’s favorite “human-food,” and simply portion it out into small plastic bags to bring to the kennel or leave in the fridge at home to be sprinkled on top of your pet’s meal just like any other night. One taste of these treats and it will be like you never left!

4. Keep your pet close.

You’re leaving for this vacation to escape your worries, not add to them! Don’t let your imagination and concern get the best of you – with a home-monitoring system, you can be alerted when there is reason to worry, or you can use Live View to check in on your pet to make sure that they are cuddling with that blanket, getting along with your pet-sitter, or eating those little treats. This way, even when your pet is big like mine (she’s a Great Pyrenees a.k.a. a polar bear), he or she can still easily fit into your pocket. You can order your Blink wire-free home monitoring and security system today starting at just $99. Simply visit our website: www.blinkforhome.com!

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