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How to Take Care of Your Kids This Summer as a Working Parent

kids Summer may mean less to worry about for kids, but it can often mean more to worry about for their working parents. With school in session, there is a guaranteed 6+ hours that the kids are occupied and supervised – but with vacation underway, these hours are now vacant and it is on you to ensure your kids remain busy, watched over, and out of trouble. If you’re looking for a way to give your kids a care-free vacation while ensuring they are cared for, here are a few options:
  • Sign Up for Summer Camp

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t know, I’m not sure ‘roughing it’ is for my kid.” Well, summer camp is no longer just for those who like camping! Nowadays, there are camps for everything and everyone – whether your kid is an athlete, an adventurer, an artist, a scientist, a mathematician, a performer, a writer, or a builder, there is a camp for him or her! Camp is a great way for your kids to enjoy time with friends, gain a variety of new skills, and make the most of their summer, all while staying safe.  You can start your search here.
  • Hire a Babysitter

If you choose the right one, your babysitter could give your kids their very own camp experience! From taking them on beach excursions, to helping them run their very first lemonade stand, your kids will never even realize they are being supervised. As an added bonus, a babysitter can also water your plants or take care of your pets at home, and if he or she can drive, can also run errands for you throughout the day.
  • Share a Babysitter

Summer camps and full-time babysitters can be expensive, but you’re not the only one facing this predicament. If you have nearby friends or neighbors also in need of child supervision over the summer, consider hiring a babysitter together. He or she can watch over both kids at a single house (or alternate houses if you prefer) and give you both peace of mind. Plus your kids will likely have more fun spending the day with a friend than just relying on the babysitter for entertainment.
  • Install a DIY Home Security System

Think you have to be at home to see what’s happening at home? Not anymore! Thanks to do-it-yourself home security systems like Blink, you can check in on your kids during their summer vacation right from your phone. Want to know when they wake up in the morning? Receive an instant motion alert from the free Blink Home Monitor app. Curious how they’re spending their afternoon? Check in with Live View to stream real-time video of your kids at home, even while you’re at work. Oh, and if you’re worried about that whole ‘expensive’ thing again, don’t be! Blink systems start at just $99 and there are no monthly fees! You pay a one-time price for full-time peace of mind. Want to get started with your home monitoring system today? Check out our website!

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