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How to Make Every Day Father's Day

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset The term “dad” may be simple, but the man behind it is not. Dads are so much more than just parents, they are also fathers, workers, protectors, repairmen, do-it-yourselfers, financial advisers, coaches, fans, role models, heroes – I’m already out of breath and that’s just the beginning. We may each have a different version of this list, however there will always be one common thread: our dads do a lot. For someone who is so many things, it only seems fitting to celebrate him on more days than one. Here are a few ways you can make every day Father’s Day for your dad this year:

1) Thank him regularly.

Who doesn’t like hearing 'thank you'? Whether you prefer to tell him with words or show him with actions, make sure that your dad knows how much you appreciate everything he does for you. If you’re more of an ‘actions speak louder than words’ person, little surprises are always a great day to remind your dad that you’re thinking of him. From making him his favorite dessert on a random Tuesday evening, to having him arrive home from work to an already mowed lawn, 'thank you’s' can come in all shapes and sizes.

2) Remember that he’s your dad.

If he wants to watch the football game after a long day of work, give him the remote and let him watch his football. If he wants you to put down your phone at the dinner table, put down your phone and ask him about his day. It really is true that sometimes the little things can mean the most.

3) Give him a gift that keeps on giving.

Dads are protective – protective of their families, protective of their homes. It’s just their nature and we love them for it. This year for Father’s Day, show your dad how much you appreciate his protection by giving him a gift that he will enjoy for years to come: peace of mind. With the Blink Home Security system, your dad will be able to sleep even better at night knowing that his family and home are well protected. Better yet, he can install it himself within minutes so no need to hire outside help.

4) Make time for him.

Other gifts that keep on giving: time spent with you and memories that last forever. No matter how busy your dad is – from working at his job to doing chores at home (yeah, he has chores too) – he always has time for you, so make sure you make the same time for him. Regardless of if it’s just thirty minutes together playing basketball, or a full-afternoon spent watching a basketball game, your dad will enjoy each moment you give him. Not sure what to get your dad for Father’s Day? Check out the Blink Home Security and Video Monitoring System – starting at just $99 with no monthly fees and available on Prime, Blink makes the perfect last minute gift!

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