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Blink Security Camera Catches Car Thief

According to the FBI, an estimated 720,000+ vehicles were stolen in 2012 alone, with over $4.3 billion lost as a result. Do you think your car is safe? Regardless of it’s in your driveway, your garage, or the grocery store parking lot, the fact of the matter is that your car may still be at risk. Rather than having to wake up to find your car windows smashed (or worse yet, no car at all) and crossing your fingers that the police may be able to do something, it’s time to take protecting your car into your own hands! Thanks to Blink’s wire-free design and simple setup, Blink User Ernie B. was able to install a security camera in his car and catch the face of his intruder!   Looks like home security systems are no longer just for the home! #WhenIBlinkISee —————– Do you have a funny, adorable, or interesting Blink video to share? We would love to see it! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube with the hashtag #WhenIBlinkISee, or email it to us at info@blinkforhome.com and follow our blog to see if your video gets featured!

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