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Blink Security Camera Captures Attempted Break-In

Just because your house hasn’t suffered a break-in does not mean that no one has tried. We all like to believe that our homes remain quiet and idle while we’re away, but the truth is that unless you can see it for yourself, you never truly know what’s happening back at your house when you’re not there. As Blink user Justin W. discovered, his house was the target for an invasion. A lock may have been enough to stop this attempt, but who's to say it will be enough if there's a next time? #WhenIBlinkISee For other tips on how to prevent burglary, check out this article. —————– Do you have a funny, adorable, or interesting Blink video to share? We would love to see it! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube with the hashtag #WhenIBlinkISee, or email it to us at info@blinkforhome.com and follow our blog to see if your video gets featured!


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